EP T21 PC connection issue [RESOLVED]

Hi there!
I just got the EP-T21 to use them with my PC. When i connect them with bluetooth the buds sounds really good in ‘stereo mode’, but the only problem is that when i try to use the microphone, the people im talking to can hear me but i can no more hear them and all other sounds (it’s not a platform fault beacuse i tried a lots)… My question is if there is any possibility to use the microphone while the ‘stereo mode’ is activated. Thanks if anyone can answer me.

When you pair them to PC(Windows I assume), it shows up as Headphones & Headset

In order to use the Microphone, choose the Headset option on the default audio mode on Windows, after which you can use to use the headset and microphone from it.

You can also do this from Control panel, chose the default speaker, speaker and communication device as EP-T21

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Welcome to the forum Ghema :pray:
Let us know what you think of the T21’s once you have everything working

Thanks, but i dont have resolved because i had already setted the headphones as default device, but when i still cannot hear anything if i’m in a platform to speak with someone.

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@Kelly_AUKEY should be able to help further with this issue or even @Simon_AUKEY

Bare with us to give you an answer, thanks :pray:

I’ll do because I love the EP-T21 though if i just got them. Hope can fix this situation.
Thanks you

Is this windows 10 by chance? That has given me fits before with other bluetooth headphones.

Yes, I’m using windows 10.

There are some issues with bluetooth headsets in windows 10 OS. They are fairly generic and not always a result of a brand, have you tried googling the issue as a generic question, like sound but no voice windows 10 bluetooth? I had a similar issue and did this to fix mine.

You need to set it as Headset to use the microphone - Headphone mode only gives out audio.

can you give some screenshots of how the EPT21 shows on Audio controls

Go to Windows Control Panel – > Sound -->


Check all the devices listed and let us know what you see EP T21 listed as?

I have Windows 10, and all of my audio devices paired over Bluetooth , am able to use for calls.


Yes, for sure! @CK-Techie (I’m sorry for the italian language but i think you can understand this)

(i can post just one photo for post so there will be an other in the next)

I have just tried to connect the pc with my brother’s buds and with those it is working perfectly, so I dont think that is a windows problem…

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(that’s the other)

Think if you switch it to run as Cuffia auricolare in the riproduzione it should work as intended. Windows 10 always puts devices in as 2 different uses, believe you are in the sound only use.

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Nice! That’s working! Thanks you a lot @Monkee :smiley:

One last question, is it normal that when I’m in a voice program like discord the sound quality of other programs is little worst? When i disconnect from discord of exemple the settings turn to ‘stereo’ and it sound better.

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Im not too sure. Dont use discord as much.

Ok, no problem. Thanks you anyway.

Glad you were able to use the headset option to get it to work!

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Wow. You guys are great, thanks @Monkee @CK-Techie for your help.

Support was just asking me about this and was going to answer, but you beat them to it! :clap:

Love it :heart:

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Glad to help here @Dane_AUKEY I have faced this with Windows 7, 8 and 10 with all the Bluetooth headsets / speakers I use :slight_smile:

The moment I see these questions, I know what is the fix for it :wink:

@Dane_AUKEY for issues such as these, where it was resolved, can the thread have something like resolved check-mark, other option would be to edit the title and put it as resolved ( i will try it now)

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