EP-T21 not playing sound from my phone

I received my EP-T21 earphones today and tried to connect them to my Nokia 1 Plus phone. It paired but no sound was coming out. I then restarted my phone and there was still no sound. I checked my phone’s settings and media and audio settings are on and nothing seems out of place which would cause this. I then connected them to my laptop and they paired and played sound perfectly. It still won’t play any sound out of my phone. I have forgotten them, check my Bluetooth setting, check my volume output etc but nothing seems to help. Is there anything I can do to get them to work on my phone? Thanks!

I ended up figuring it out for anyone in the same boat as me! It was an issue with my phone. I turned on developer mode and then went to advanced system settings, into developer options and disabled Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload and then restarted my phone. Thank you anyways though!! Great that you have a service like this!!

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