EP-T21 Left Bud Stopped Working And Charging

Hello. My wife bought me these ear buds for my birthday. I opened them last night and they worked fine. I opened them up now after they charged all night. Have them connected to my PC. Was watching a movie on Netflix then the left ear bud cut out after about 45 minutes into my movie. I stopped the movie, put the earbud in the case and the red light doesn’t show at all. I put the right one in and the red light lights up. Took the left one out again and checked my PC and it shows only the speaker. Took the right one out and checked my PC and it shows the ear buds. Both of them are currently in the case. The case is connected to the cable and charged. The right ear bud shows a red light, the left one shows nothing. Can you please help? Do I need to return these ear buds and get some new ones instead? I have seen others with the same problem but haven’t seen any solutions posted. I would appreciate any help you can give on this. Would like to enjoy my birthday present. Thank you.

Am returning them to Amazon as I haven’t gotten a response from here or my email.