EP-T21 earbuds to pairing to one another

Same problem here. Tried everything and nothing works on a Realme x50 pro, or a samsung J3.

Hi @Molk0

If you’ve gone through all of the available troubleshooting steps, then I advise you to connect with our Support team for a replacement. :frowning:

support@aukey.com :pray:

I already did, but no answer :frowning:

@Kelly_AUKEY Please can you PM @Molk0 to help arrange this :slight_smile:

I took delivery of the Aukey EP-T21 earbuds yesterday. I used them throughout the day without any problem. Put them on charge overnight and today they will not pair together. I have tried all the recommendations suggested in this thread without success. Any other suggestions or should I return them to Amazon?

Me too. Nothing works. After trying to reset, one of the buds won’t even turn on after long time charging. The left one yes. The right, no. It’s as if it just decided “I’m done with you, lady!”
Problem is same all over the internet. Every review on amazon, here and random other sites as well. It’s definitely NOT us!

Hi @lmonta60,

We are sorry about the inconvenience. Could you please contact support@aukey.com about your problem? They will help you.