EP-T21 earbud audio distortion issue

Recently got the EP-T21. They seem to have an intermittent issue.

When I pull them one earbud out of the case, it connects and works fine. Now if I pull the other one out and use it the audio gets distorted and it seems the earbuds are trying to take over one another and cracking the audio
I tried to reset them via touching the sensor for around 15 seconds and I see them both flash red at me to turn off, but this doesn’t fix the syncing issue.

Hi @kevin_vb6

This issue seems like a new one to me. There are various troubleshooting methods for the T21 on here, so do check them out. In the mean time, please email our support team - support@aukey.com for further assistance.

I have the same issue: they work just fine on smartphones, but with a computer they behave as described by OP. Please help!