Ep t10 Not Holding Charge

Hello. I bought The ep-t10 from the Aukey Store in pakistan at Daraz.pk. When i received it i saw the case had 3 lights on it, but the buds were not turning on( no light on them ). I then put the buds in the case and charged the whole thing for more than 3 hours. After that saw lights in a breathing style on the buds. I tuurned them on and paired it. Said it had 70% charge, i then listened to 2 songs on youtbe, (4mins each ) and the buds ran out of charge. I put thebuds back in te case for charing. After 20mins said 50% charge, Listened to a song again and then got the msg saying low batter.It isnt holding the charge. Its the right one. What to do? Solutions? I just received it today

Hi @Kashifyusuf,

Thanks for joining the Community. Please contact support@aukey.com about your problem, they will help you.