EP-T10 no sound after certain period of time during calls

I have been experiencing sudden silence during calls (even on fully charged earbuds) using Microsoft Teams and Google Meet on Windows 10 version 1909. The duration to duplicate the issue is inconsistent, it could take from 5 mins to 15 mins before experiencing total silence. I regained the sound after switching the audio to PC speaker and switch back on to EP-T10 again. However, I have not experiencing this total silence if I am just purely listening to music from fully charged to fully drained; it oddly happens during calls only.

Kindly advise the troubleshooting to determine if my unit is defective. Thanks!

Have you experienced the same on regular phone calls using the T10’s ?
I can’t say for sure of course but it would not surprise me one bit if that is a Windows problem.

Hi @patangkia

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

@Kelly_AUKEY can advise what to do :pray:

I have not tried that yet, let me try that and post my findings here.

Update: I have tried using it for normal calls thru mobile and no silence is observed. I have tried using MS Teams on my mobile OnePlus 8 Pro and the same silence happened again in 5 mins. Doesn’t seems like it’s OS problem.

@Kelly_AUKEY, could you help me out on the issue that I am facing?

Hi, I have the same issue too. Is there any solution provided?

Hi guys. There’s a few threads on this, but our CS team will have directly messaged you via PM or email.

Please check :slight_smile:

Please contact our service team - support@aukey.com. We can help offer a replacement if the product is faulty. :pray:

@Tean if you’re experiencing the same issue, please do too.

Nope, I did NOT get any help. I reached out to Aukey Support team and they mentioned that they do not cover any earbuds purchased outside of Amazon despite it is original from Aukey and still within the warranty period. From there onward, I am very disappointed with Aukey and not going to purchase from Aukey again.

@Dane_AUKEY @Kelly_AUKEY

Hi @patangkia

Sorry to hear this hasn’t resulted in the answer you’d hoped. I see that you bought it from Shopee, which seems to not be an official store. We have copy-cat stores around the globe, even on Amazon - and this can be a real issue for us.

If products are not purchased from us directly, then like many retailers - be it in Malaysia, U.S or otherwise, they would suggest you go back to Target, Walmart etc to file a claim with them - rather than the manufacturer. I hope you can continue speaking with Shopee to have them resolve it, rather than the seller on that site. :pray:

To be honest, you can’t expect Aukey to support something that you didn’t buy from an official sales channel, no other companies would.
How do you even know that it is not a counterfeit product you bought.

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I believe that is the reason why Aukey included the authentication codes to be verified on the website that are on the product packaging. I do understand if I am purchasing counterfeit product but this is Aukey EP-T10 that has codes on its packaging and verified on the Aukey official website!

What is this for?

I obviously don’t know where in the world you are living but here in Europe it is normal that you deal with the vendor where you purchased your product if you have warranty issues.
Anyway, it’s not my issue so I’ll stay out of it :+1:

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