EP-T10 Left earbud not charging

Dear Aukey support team,

I allow myself to contact you following an EP-T10 order I have done in december 2019.
Indeed, when I put the left earbud in the charging station, the white LED on the earbud stay off (no solid light or breathing signal) and the earbud is not charged (no audio).

Note that the right earbud is charging normally and the powerstation is also charging normally with wireless/corded.
Also, the 2 pins inside the charging station of the left earbud and on the earbud are clean.

Is there a way to manually force a charging?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi @john_matrix

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

@Kelly_AUKEY will be able to offer any troubleshooting fixes. :slight_smile:

Hi. I have the same problem with my left earbud.
My right bud is charging just after I put in the case. The left one, instead, is not charging at the first attempt. Sometimes I have to put int the case ten or more time to let it charge.
Are there any updates on the topic?

Hi @frtll

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. I’ve tagged our CS team @Kelly_AUKEY in to check if they’re aware of a troubleshoot for this :pray:

Hi, I have the same issue but is on my right earbud. Is there any solution?

I have the same issue with the left ear bud. Have raised 3 seperate warranty replacement tickets and knowone has responded.

Hi @fjw999

I’m sorry to hear that no one has gotten back to you - after 3 attempts! I’m personally taking this to our customer service team to deal with.

I am also experiencing this exact same issue but have not found any helpful information. Is there a way to fix this problem?

In my case, both the left and right earbuds were not charging. In the end, I discovered that the solution was to remove the ear wings entirely. This increased the force of the magnets in the charging case enough to make a good electrical contact. So try removing the ear wings when charging.

I have the same issue. Tried removing the ear wings but the left earbud is still not charging or connecting. Also, when trying to register the product on the website, it tells me that something is wrong, I already tried from different devices

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Hi @gaonaldo

If you purchased the product on Amazon, then you don’t need to register the product on the website :slight_smile:

Regarding the charging issue, there are numerous fixes on the forum that have been shared by the Community. If they don’t work, then please send us an email - support@aukey.com for a replacement :slight_smile:

Hi Team,

@Dane @Kelly_AUKEY

My left earbud is not working, I also have emailed to your support team but no reply yet.

Kindly help!

Hi i have the same problem with both of my earbuds on the aukey t25. Furthermore, i bought the earbuds and it arrived just yesterday on the 11th Nov 2020, the warranty code is not stick on the box or anywhere, how can i register my warranty???

Good afternoon, I am from Argentina. I bought the aukey t10 on amazon 1 month ago, and when it arrived the right earbud never walked, it does not charge or turn on. Only the left one. Therefore I cannot use it.
I don’t know what solution they can give me. Thanks a lot

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We suggest that you try to clean the right earphone.
Please keep the headset in full contact with the headset case when charging.
Please try to reset the headset. Please try to clear the pairing record and pair again.
Please pair other Bluetooth devices to see if the problem can be improved.

My EP-T10 Left earbud has not been charging in the wireless case whereas the right one is acting perfectly, would there be a fix for this? (I have tried charging the case fully and taking the earbud out and putting it back in many times but the left one refuses to charge and have any form of light).

Please advise as it is not even 1 month old!

im having this issues too…the fact that im not sure if the right bud is working or not as it doesnt show any light indicator during charging nor removing.but the case can detect the right earbud…i seek for advise…i really need this earbid to works