EP-N5 - Right earbud no longer working (on first day)

I unboxed my new AUKEY EP-N5 yesterday and i was excited about them. I charged the case fully, as in the instructions, before using them. I removed all the little plastic foils that prevent charging.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 and managed to pair the earbuds without any problem. They worked great for a few hours on and off. In the afternoon of the first day the right earbud stopped working. The left one is working perfectly…

I have no idea what could be wrong and I have tried to read on this forum and online to see if it can somehow be restarted or anything. Maybe it is not charging in the case, but how can i tell if it is charging or not?

If i take out the left earbud it turns on and pairs correctly. If i only take out the right and close the case, it does not get paired with the phone. It is as if the right earbud is totally dead…
I have tried the unpairing and repairing and it works perfectly with the left earbud. right one seems dead…

Since it has only worked for a few hours, i am really disappointed and if this is a setting, it seems incredibly hard to figure out how to turn the right earbud back on…

Any help would be greatly apreciated

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Quick update.
I have found the LED on the earbud and can see the following behavior:
left earbud: if i remove it and put it back in the case, the light is red for a few seconds and then turns off. i assume because it is fully charged.
right earbud: If i remove it and put is back in the case, the led does not turn on at all…

It seems (very limited knowledge of the product) that the charging of the right earbud is faulty. If the diagnosis is correct, is there a way to fix this?
i can try to provide a video is that helps…

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I have this same problem. I have the EP-N5 a few days now and the first day I charged and connected only the left side was working. I plugged in the case and deleted the device from my phone and it paired again and has been working fine since then.

Now, the right bud is out again and I’m not sure what to do. The left is charging fine but there is no visible charging led on the right one.

Thinking about sending it back for a replacement

I bought them because the reviews seemed good. However, it seems that there are serious quality issue with this product. I bought them from the US, but wont be going back for a while, so returning them is no really an option for me. If i cannot fix this issue, then these are the most expensive earphones I have ever bought… $50 for 5 hours of use…
I hope someone can suggest a way to fix this issue!!!

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I went ahead and emailed aukey (support@aukey.com) letting them know of the issue.

They responded with some troubleshooting steps(all which didn’t work) and asked for pictures to show the device isn’t damaged. I send pictures of the case and the buds (all in good condition) as well as some close up shots of the left ear bud led lighting red and the right ear bud not lighting while in the case. They said they would send a replacement.

While I am totally displeased with these brand new ear buds not working properly, I am satisfied with the response from their support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

I’m thinking there is a bad batch somewhere that has these right ear buds problem. Hoping I do not get another pair from this batch.

Since there was no reply regarding how to resolve this issue, I sent an email to AUKEY today.
Will update here regarding the reply (hopefully they have a way to resolve this issue) and the final outcome for any others that are facing the same problem

Having contacted the AUKEY tech support we exchanged a few emails, where I made videos and pictures of the earbuds and the case. I dealt with Xixi, who was very nice and together we worked out there there is a technical issue that we will not be able to resolve remotely.
We changed the order information, etc. and Xixi suggested shipping a replacement (free of charge).

While I was a little disappointed about the product failing on the first day, I can only applaud the customer service. I believe every company can have a faulty product, but how they deal with it makes a big difference.

In the end I would give AUKEY and Xixi 10 out of 10 for problem resolution!!!

Support Contact: support@mail.aukey.com

I received my replacement ear buds and it worked fine at first. Now, the right ear bud on the replacement has stopped working again. At this point I’m not sure what to do! if to try to get another replacement, a refund or try another brand

There seems to be some quality control lacking with this product.

This is frustrating because I really like these.

I’m now stuck with two functional left ear buds :unamused:

Please contact our service team at support@aukey.com.

Now the right earbud works and the left stopped working. This is so frustrating.

I couldn’t even be on the left, and even on the right
But it was fixed very simply

It was such an absurd experience.
I tried charging it outside, not just putting it in the case.
Just 2 seconds

1 : Yellow -(ground)
2 : Red +
3: NC
4: Black -(ground)

Then the case is definitely bad.
The funny thing is nothing more than that.
It’s really ridiculous.
It is being used normally now.
It works fine.

I think it may be an internal firmware problem.
It seems to be a problem if it turns off before entering the case.
It seems that this problem does not occur if you put it in the case before it goes off.
If that happens, you will have to remodel the lithium-ion battery charger like me and unplug it to fix it.

I have the same problem, I am disappointed, my product has 3 weeks of purchase and now with this problem.

Do you know something else about this problem ?, or how to refund money from amazon?

Thank you

Where did you get the thing on the left ?

Have resolved? This product is garbage…i ,had ,2 on2 broken

Actually it works again now, I think the problem was that I put the case laying down, now I put it standing up and it charges without problem

The right one can’t charge now, it’s really weird…

I’m curious if this has been resolved, is anyone actively checking the community to give assistance? My right one hasn’t been working for over a week now and it’s barely a month old purchase and it’s impossible to get in touch with anyone, at least to get the warranty. Very disappointed.

I contacted them through email “support@aukey.com” and did some trouble shooting.
I purchased through Amazon and had to provide my order number. Subsequently a replacement was sent.
Have you tired emailing them?

Yes I have emailed them two times about a week ago and still nothing in response. Quite disappointing really as I can’t even seem to return the product at this rate.

Aaaaand… it’s working again now ! It’s like fluctuating between working and not working…