EP N5 Left Earbud not charging in case

Hi support team,

I bought Aukey EP N5 it was charging for some days without any issues, but today the left earbud is not charging inside the charging box, no red light.

Please help

Thanks in advance


Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your earbuds. Please check on this forum to see if there are any suitable troubleshooting methods; if none work - then please contact our support team via email - support@aukey.com

Hi @Dane_AUKEY , I just tried the suggestions to troubleshoot this issue without success.

Also send a question to support@aukey.com and considering I don´t have the order Id (because this was a gift) they said they can´t help me.

It´s frustrating to look for help and nobody give an answer on how to solve the issue.

Can you please advice?