EP-B60; strange interaction with Windows 10 apps (headphone vs. headset) and drop in sound quality

Hi everyone! I just recently bought the EP-B60 and I’m in love with it! However, I’m a bit disappointed with how the built-in microphone functions in conjunction with other apps in Windows 10 (i.e. Discord, Messenger, BbCollaborate, Zoom).

I was in a call with a few of my peers the other day and I was able to talk through them via the microphone BUT I could not hear them at all. However, the strange thing is that I could still hear music playing from Youtube. So I went into Sound Settings of Windows 10 to find out that the EP-B60 is split into two: Headset and Headphone.


My “default device” was set to Headphone at the time of the call. And for some odd reason, I was unable to hear them in the call (even though they can hear me perfectly fine). Before switching my “default device” in sound settings, I went back to Discord to try all sorts of combinations (so that I can use Headphone for everything). But none of the combinations worked and I had to actually go back into sound settings to set Headset as my “default device”.

The reason why I’m so persistent in using Headphone mode, as opposed to Headset mode, is because the sound quality DROPS tremendously when I move to Headset mode. I’d like your help in trying to figure out how to fix this problem; do I need to install some sort of driver to alleviate the issue? Otherwise, I’m thinking about returning this product (since I don’t want to constantly have to open sound settings to switch between Headphone and Headset mode all the time whenever I enter and leave a call.)

NOTE: This problem persists with all other calling apps (Zoom, BbCollaborate, etc.). And the solution is always consistent; to open sound settings and move to Headset mode.

Hi @Nicosarea

Love the support of the product. Unsure why that’s happening, it seems strange. Best course of action is to contact our support team - support@aukey.com so they can check with our technical team.