EP-B60 Bluetooth earbuds dead already!?

I purchased a pair of these from Lazada Thailand on 19th August from the official Lazada Aukey Thailand shop. They are still under warranty.

I charged them up fine. Went for a run. Everything was great.

Today I went to charge them up before I went for a run. Nothing. The LED that usually turns on did nothing. I tried different USB ports, even a plug socket, still nothing.

I tried turning them on by unlinking the earbuds and holding down the O button. Nothing.

I tried another USB-C connector. My PC then recognised a device called ‘QCC300X’. So the headphones are doing something at least. But no LED at all. I’ve tried plugging in the standard cable both ways to charge. Nothing. No LED comes on.

They are completely dead already - how come? What are my options here?

Kind regards.

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I would try and use the cable that you used when the PC recognised them and leave them in the usb port for a few hours for a slow charge.
If that doesn’t work, send them back for warranty replacement instead of getting stressed about it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Yes, I am using my USB-C power bank cable that is plugged in to my PC and the headphones and I will leave them for a few hours. The reason I am a little unhappy about this is because getting support for them here in Thailand seems to be a real chore. I am not sure it will be as easy as being able to send them back because of where I bought them from. Thailand sadly isn’t known for it’s great customer support when it comes to defective consumer goods.

But I’ll wait until Monday when the Aukey Thailand Lazada store I bought them from is available to give support and go from there.


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I hope it works out for you :+1:
And also, you live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world :earth_africa::slightly_smiling_face::purple_heart:
I really loved Thailand, the people and the food :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for replying.

I just hope I can get a replacement pair without too much hassle.

I guess I am just disappointed that the earbuds haven’t even lasted me a month.


Another update on this.

First, the Aukey returns process, at least for Lazada Thailand, was so cumbersome that I just ended up buying another pair.

Yesterday though, I went to try to charge them again for one last time before throwing them away. They started charging just fine. So now I can charge them fully and they work as expected.

However, I am unable to pair them with anything. I put them in pairing mode and no device, not my phone or my laptop, sees them. I tried resetting the headphones by holding down the + and O buttons together, but still they do not appear on any device.

Is there any further troubleshooting I can do to try and fix pairing?

Many thanks.

Did you by any chance get them paired up with another device to begin with so that they are now looking for that device only when turned on?

@JSH1973 Originally yes, they were paired with another device. But I am sure I removed it and unpaired it. I will check again tonight. Another thing though, when I pull the earbuds apart, to turn it on and put it in to pairing mode, I am supposed to hear an ascending sound. I don’t hear anything at all.

Same for when I turn them off. No sound.

Many thanks for your help.

I don’t know about the on/off sound as I don’t own a pair myself.
I’m just going by mistakes I have made myself

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Thanks again @JSH1973.

I think my old pair were definitely defective. My new pair arrived today and I could immediately pair them. Here’s hoping they last longer than the last pair.

Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it.

Drop a small review after you have used them for a couple of weeks


I will, thanks very much again!