EP-B58 won't power on

I purchased a pair of EP-B58 headphones on May 14, 2020. Two days ago they completely stopped working. I charged them overnight and the blue light is on (indicating full charge), but I cannot turn them on or reset them. This is similar to the issue reported at this link AUKEY EP-B58 Will not power on or reset.

I also can’t find a copy of the user manual anywhere, but more importantly I would like to have these headphones working again.

Good luck with your headset. Apparently this is the only form of support offered for these units which last just a bit longer than the Amazon return policy covers. ZERO support from Aukey meant the pair I had were pitched in the ‘recycle’ bin for electronics. I purchase a pair of Sony earbuds (similar form factor) and aside from sounding much better have not failed so quickly and are built better.

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Hi @caseydtrail

Sorry you’re having an issue with your earbuds.

I’d check out any and all troubleshooting methods in the forum to see if there’s something that has helped with others. If all fail, then please email us with your amazon ID for a replacement.

Support@aukey.com :pray:

I’ve checked all of those methods (Just like I said in my original post). I will email the address you listed and report back if I do not get the response I need.

Hope all got sorted :pray: