EP-B58 Not working in AptX Low Latency mode

Using EP-B58 ear buds with Avantree TC-419 transmitter along with Avantree Audition Pro Headset. Avantree Headset works fine in AtpX Low Latency (AtpX-LL) mode. When paring transmitter with EP-B58 as second or even as only headset, the EP0B58 only connects in basic AptX mode (not in Low Latency mode). This forces TC-419 transmitter to drop out of Low Latency mode and take both Avantree Headset and EP-B58 to basic AtpX mode. This introduces lip sync latency. The EP-B58 is supposed to support AtpX Low Latency. How do I force the EP-B58 to use AtpX Low Latency mode? If this is not possible I will be returning the EP-B58 and buying an AtpX-LL ear bud from Avantree - at least their products actually work in AptX-LL. Thanks

Please contact our service team at support@aukey.com.