EP-B58 Not working in AptX Low Latency mode

Using EP-B58 ear buds with Avantree TC-419 transmitter along with Avantree Audition Pro Headset. Avantree Headset works fine in AtpX Low Latency (AtpX-LL) mode. When paring transmitter with EP-B58 as second or even as only headset, the EP0B58 only connects in basic AptX mode (not in Low Latency mode). This forces TC-419 transmitter to drop out of Low Latency mode and take both Avantree Headset and EP-B58 to basic AtpX mode. This introduces lip sync latency. The EP-B58 is supposed to support AtpX Low Latency. How do I force the EP-B58 to use AtpX Low Latency mode? If this is not possible I will be returning the EP-B58 and buying an AtpX-LL ear bud from Avantree - at least their products actually work in AptX-LL. Thanks

Please contact our service team at support@aukey.com.

support basically said: Sorry you can’t get the headset to work in the desired mode, would you like a 10% discount? Well, the product is on its way back to amazon so it no longer matters to me but you might want to spend some time discussing it with the support team to figure out if the product description on amazon is just wrong or that they don’t understand how to make the LL mode work - at least with Avantree transmitters.


Thanks for letting us know your feedback. We do try our best to ensure our product descriptions are 100% correct. I’ll be sharing this info with our product team to check. :pray:

I’m sorry it didn’t work as desired.