EP-B40S issue, related to controls?

(PS: I tried to enter this on the website, but kept getting “operation failed” message)

I’ve been using my EP-B40S headset (bluetooth earbuds) for 6+ months with no issues - phone calls, running, etc.

Yesterday, one incoming call could not hear me until I pressed the volume up button, then they could hear me. But, I could only hear them in the right ear.

I tried playing some music after the call, and the sound was still in the right ear only, unless I played with the volume up/down controls. As I started to press them, the sound came through in the left ear, but when I released the button, it was only in the right ear again.

I received another call, and nothing I could do made the caller hear me, I finally had to disable the bluetooth and talk to them with my phone to my ear.

I purchased from Amazon about 6.5 months ago (12-Nov-2019); is the warranty still in effect? I can provide the Amazon order number.

Is there a way to repair this? Or get a replacement?


If bought from Amazon they should automatically be registered for warranty and as far as I know it is minimum 12 months


Hi @Prosthetic_Lips

Sorr to hear you had this issue on the website. I know it’s an ongoing issue.

Please send an email to support@aukey.com - with your amazon order info. They’ll be able to sort this out for you. :pray:

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I too have volume control problems on mine, and similar problems with one ear being louder than the other