Earbuds not working after one day?

The left earbud of my EP-N5 is not working - after 2 hours. I got the buds yesterday (24.12.2020) as a x-mas gift. The right earbud works fine, syncs immediately, no issues. I have attempted to troubleshoot the earbud as directed in the manual. Nothings was helpful? What can I do?

Did you charge them fully before you started using them?

Hi thanks a lot for your help.
Yah. I did. :slight_smile:

I did what stonefly mentioned in his post. This worked for me:
It was such an absurd experience.
I tried charging it outside, not just putting it in the case.
Just 2 seconds

1 : Yellow -(ground)
2 : Red +
3: NC
4: Black -(ground)

Now they are working again.
Hope this is helpful for someone. I was for me.

Kindest regards

How do you charge it out of the case? I need to charge the right side I already replaced mine twice and had the same issue with all three of them. My brother has a pair too but has never once malfunctioned. I think he mentioned something about mine being different from his but I don’t know.