Earbuds EP-T10 not connecting nor pairing

Hello there,

I have tried all trouble shooters posted. The ear bud lights are dimming when in the case. I have tried removing the rubber ear pieces to see if that makes a difference but it has not. The ear buds are not showing up in my blue tooth to even try and pair.


Hi @JPenn,

Thanks for joining the community. We are sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Have you tried to clear the pairing history?

I have tried all options … I contacted the support email with no returned messages. Again my ear buds are not even pairing anymore as in not showing up on my phone. I find that I’m not getting any help or support on this issue.

Janine Gillis

Could you please provide me your email address? I can report it to our customer department for you derectly.

janinegillis@yahoo.ca is my email.

Thank you for the information. Our customer service department will contact you within 24 hours, please check your email.

I have not heard from anyone still. I check my junk as well and nothing

Hi @Janinegillis,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Our customer service has sent you the email, please check. Thank you客服回复

I didn’t really use my left ear buds often since I got it last year. Now it won’t even charge. I started using it more often recently. Wat can I do to fix the situation?

701-9417158-2400245 is the order number