Ear Tips and Charging

Are foam ear tips available for these earbuds or can you recommend a third party alternative such as Comply? Also do these earbuds support quick charging?

Thanks Dawson

Sorry I am referring to the Key Series Premium T10 Earbuds.


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Unfortunately, we do not have any 3rd party alternatives for the earbuds - we include 3 different sizes which fit 95% of peoples’ ears.

The earbuds supports both USB-C charging & Qi-wireless charging :slight_smile:
For more info click on the link below:

I have the same question too however can you inform what the diameter of the plastic tip of the EP-T10 that goes into the silicone ear tip? Comply has several sizes so this will help clarify which series to purchase.

So far the 500 and 400 series of Comply are too large to fit on the plastic tip of the EP-T10.

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I’ve just asked my colleagues about this, will hopefully have an answer for you soon :slight_smile: