Ear buds concern

The left side of my ear bud is mostly fine but the right side - inside the earpiece the black sticky layer that covers where the audio comes from is peeling a little and inwards, is that normal or should it be fixed?

Hi @Saira,

Could you please provide me a picture of the problem part?

Hi I have managed to fix it - I had to remove it a little to adjust it back. It happened when I tried to clean them.
But I did another issue which is still happening- my earbuds die pretty quickly even though I have charged them - how do I fix this or figure out what Iā€™m doing wrong?

Hi @Saira,

That is great to hear. Could you please tell me which earbuds model did you get? So I can locate the problem here.

I am using the ep-t25 model


Thank you for the reply. Please contact support@aukey.com about your problem, they will help you.

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