Dual (multi) port chargers discussion

I’m eagerly waiting for the Omnia Dual 100w charger and while stuck at home, I’ve been reviewing my set ups and travel kits. Looking through a lot of Aukey PD chargers I noticed that all the dual port ones change the output to specific fixed ratings depending on 1) which port is being used and/or 2) of both ports are being used. A lot of others on the market do something a little different (anywhere between dynamically detect/adjust and split the power evenly).

Aukey examples are the 2 port 36w dual PD charger (single port max at 30w or even split between two ports at 18w each) or either 63w dual port or 65 Omnia dual ports (single port max at 63w/65w or specific split of 18w PD and 45w max on specific ports)

A lot of products out there split 60w single to dual 30w ports or a 36w dual port that only has a max of 18w per port and some negotiate with devices and try to max each one respecting its own max output.

This may not seem like a big deal but I believe it matters for user experience which is usually huge for me. Wanted to know what people prefer. The “Aukey” method or something else? This also makes me wonder what the 100w dual port is going to do and whether or not I’m ultimately going to get it.

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Hi Simon. You raise a good set of questions.

With Dynamic Detect, and splitting of the power between two ports, we’ve found that in most user cases, splitting equally isn’t always beneficial, as most users want the higher end of the power max output, for example to charge a laptop - rather than splitting down the middle, which may not be able to charge higher power devices.

For example, 60W could be split to 30w + 30w, but many laptops may require 45W or more, with smart phones and other ‘small’ devices, requiring much less to fast charge.

I guess it comes down to whether the 100W version you’re waiting for, would be best for you if it split it equally (50-50W) or something along the lines of 80-20W?

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Well, we use Dynamic Detect to distribute power in a unique way. And for our upcoming PA-B6, a 2-port 100W PD charger, it allows you to get up to 100W when either port is used alone or up to 45W each port when both are used at the same time.


That would work perfect for me :+1:
And with the size of the GaN chargers I wouldn’t have a problem carrying a separate 100w single port one every now and again when needed

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It’s hard to answer this question of even split or weighted split because my device charging needs can change at any given time. For example, 80/20 split works well for charging my work laptop (MBP 15 ideal at 87w) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (with USB-C to lightning at 18w max). But if I need to charge my laptop and my wife’s laptop (MB12 ideal at 29w) I might prefer split at 60/30. In theory 80/20 should work as well since both laptops will fall just a bit short of ideal respective charging rates. In addition, I can also have a personal laptop at 60w (MBP 13) so 80w is more than enough and the other is short. 60/30 split is much more beneficial. A 50/50 (or 45/45) split could also work if I had two devices that needed around that power as opposed to anywhere between 18w and 87w. To have one charger that can handle any situation automatically and adjust accordingly would be great but I get the feeling it’s not possible otherwise it would be done

I see. There’s a lot of user needs there then, for a wide range of devices. It’d be wonderful to have a device which could be flexible like that, but as I understand it, it’s hard to find one at present - with the technology we have in the market, that satisfies everything.

My colleague simon mentioned that the upcoming 100W, PA-B6, will split 45W / port when you use both simultaneously.

I do remember one of posts here on Aukey Community mentioning a 4 port 100W charger, it would be nice to have this and distribute power dynamically to the devices connected :+1:

Agreed!! It would be extremely beneficial to have. Shall keep you posted on future updates for a model like this :slight_smile:

Sorry to piggyback on this topic. Just created an account to ask something here. Love your products and have a bunch of them at home. Happy that you guys are in the Malaysian market although the wait on products is high it is still worth it.
Back to my question. Is the power distribution for PA-B6 going to be 45/45? Would have been better with a 60/40 or even a properly intelligent and dynamic power allocation. I have a MBP 13 so I would like to charge at 60W and use 18W to power an iPhone.
Second question is that I currently own a PA-D5 as my main laptop charger. But most of the time I’m relegated to having only 1 port occupied. If I connect a cable to the second port it drops the power down to 45/18 split. I’d love it if it only happened when I connect a second device and not a second cable so I could leave both cables plugged into the charger and still get 60W when I use one port.