Driver for AUKEY Black Mechanical Keyboard (Outemu Blues)

I am having problems with this keyboard which I bought from Amazon originally, where in games the input will occasionally freeze and I cannot move. I have verified it is the keyboard’s (or driver’s/other’s) fault as my membrane keyboard from a different brand does not produce this issue, and I have tested this for a good 15 minutes of repeatedly moving from side to side, the AUKEY mechanical keyboard occasionally freezes, the other keyboard does not. Before I do anything else, I would like to download the original drivers for this keyboard if they exist, as at the moment the drivers being used are Windows drivers from 2008, which I believe are causing the problem as my AUKEY keyboard worked perfectly fine a few days ago on my old laptop.

I do not know what the product name is as I can no longer find the product on Amazon and so I cannot find the driver in the downloads section and instead am relying on someone to either provide the driver or inform me of the name so I can attempt to find it.

Edit: The keyboard’s model number is KM-G9, but I can only find the manual in the downloads, no driver.

Hi @apersonwhoexists

Let me look into this for you :slight_smile:

Have you found anything? Sorry if I’m being impatient, but I’m having to use a full size membrane right now and it is annoying to say the least, so any help is appreciated.