DR02 dashcam with GM-32 GPS Antenna


I’ve purchased two DR02 Dashcams with two GM-32 GPS Antennas, and the coordinates and speed of my vehicle will never appear in the recorded videos.

I have tried with two different SD cards, mixed and matched both dashcams and antennas, and made sure the antenna was connected in the GPS port (the one with a chain-link icon). The date and time sets themselves automatically and I see the green “G” in the top corner of my dashcam, indicating that the GPS antenna does work, but the information does not appear in the recorded videos when I watch them on my computer.

Both cameras run the Dashcam Firmware DR02.V1.3.0318
I thought it would be a software issue, but there are no firmware updates available on the Aukey website, even tough they say so in the user manual.

I bought theses dashcams specifically to have the coordinates and the speed of my vehicle, so this is a huge bummer. Please help !