DR02 dashcam with GM-32 GPS Antenna


I’ve purchased two DR02 Dashcams with two GM-32 GPS Antennas, and the coordinates and speed of my vehicle will never appear in the recorded videos.

I have tried with two different SD cards, mixed and matched both dashcams and antennas, and made sure the antenna was connected in the GPS port (the one with a chain-link icon). The date and time sets themselves automatically and I see the green “G” in the top corner of my dashcam, indicating that the GPS antenna does work, but the information does not appear in the recorded videos when I watch them on my computer.

Both cameras run the Dashcam Firmware DR02.V1.3.0318
I thought it would be a software issue, but there are no firmware updates available on the Aukey website, even tough they say so in the user manual.

I bought theses dashcams specifically to have the coordinates and the speed of my vehicle, so this is a huge bummer. Please help !

Hi @flyingcactus
We have a corresponding software update for this problem, please contact our service team at support@aukey.com.

Why @flyingcactus should contact the service team himself ??
Is it how it is done at Aukey ? He is already posting on the forum, @Kelly_AUKEY knows about it, so why couldn’t her make things faster buy contacting her colleagues herself ?
Really weird, a waste of time.
And it seems that as soon as a customer talks about a firmware, it gets complicated.
Is it a taboo word at AUKEY ?

So, to follow up with this case, I did get in touch with support via email and they sent me a firmware update that fixed the issue.

Although I am pleased that the issue was resolved, the firmware update should be available on the Aukey website. The user manual even suggests to go online for the latest updates, but there is nothing.

I had to reach out for support, emailing back and forth for two weeks, explaining the issue, providing details, screenshots, even videos. I purchased a second antenna I had to return because I thought mine was defective.

I could have resolved this issue in 5 minutes by myself if the firmware had been available on the website, but instead I got a response from Aukey a MONTH later.

All in all, I like the product, but the user experience could really be improved.