Does this HUB exist?

Hello everyone!
My name’s Enrico, I study Physics at university and my hobbies are music production and photography.
I’ve recently bought a laptop for university (data analysis, code compile…). I wanted to do also music, video and photo production on it, so I’ve bought a Dell XPS 15.
This laptop has 3 USB-Cs (no other ports), while my other accessories that I had for my older desktop and other computers are all USB-A, DisplayPort or HDMI.
The fact that even newer desktop motherboards have lots of USB-As but very few USB-Cs, while phones and other stuff have all USB-Cs, made me think.
I actually LOVE the USB-C connector, even if it may look less solid than USB-A, HDMI or DisplayPort.
First, it’s reversible, and allows for very high speeds (USB 4, Thunderbolt 4…), but also sufficient power delivery.
That’s why I actually don’t mind switching entirely to USB-C.
Now, there are some things that hold me back: my 4KUHD 27" monitor only has DisplayPort and HDMI (but I don’t remember if it can do 60Hz through it), my music production devices (audio interface, keyboards…) all have USB-B on one end…
That said, I’d still like to use USB-C when possible. And being this XPS 15 actually more powerful than my current desktop (apart from the GPU) I’m eager to use it instead of my desktop.
To do these things at the same time, I’d need an USB hub.
The USB sound card and the MIDI controllers need to be individually routed to my Dell, which leaves at best one single Thunderbolt 3 for everything else: charging, display output, other inputs…
Is there an Aukey USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 hub that has the following features?

  • 130W+ power delivery to the laptop itself
  • Gigabit Ethernet jack (1 Gbps or higher)
  • DisplayPort 1.4 (or HDMI 2.1)
  • 3 USB-C ports at Gen 3.1 specs or higher (like 3.2 Gen 2x2)
    I want it to have a maximum USB-A amount of 1 (just in case)…

Aukey does not have such a hub.

130W exceeds the USB-C PD spec - most manufacturers limit their delivery rate to the 100W in that spec.

They don’t sell a hub that supports 4k@60Hz - the ones that list 4k support do so at 30Hz.

I am not aware of any that include 3 USB-C ports on the hub.

Gigabit and one USB-A is common. I have an Aukey CB-C78, which has one USB-C port, 100W PD passthrough capability, and two HDMI ports that support 4k@30Hz (or 1080@60Hz).

To get closer to what you want, manufacturers start calling that a dock instead of a hub.
Something like this Dell WD19TB 130w is the closest I know of. It requires Thunderbolt 3, not just USB-C, but it sounds like you are using those words interchangeably:

This one is pretty close if you only have USB-C:

There are other options out there, but to get that 130W support on your Dell you basically will need to go to Dell for the supplier. Other manufacturers do it, but cross manufacturer support is limited because it isn’t part of the standard.

I’m not using Thunderbolt 3 and USB C like they mean the same thing: I perfectly know they are different things. USB-C is just the connector shape and pin layout standard. USB4, USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 should only indicate maximum power delivery and data transfer speed. Thunderbolt 3 indicates support for 40 Gbps data rate, higher power delivery (can’t remember the maximum spec), PCIe protocol, video signal and other cool stuff.
It’s just that, on my personal Dell XPS 15 9500, 2/3 of USB-C support Thunderbolt 3, therefore to me they’re functionally the same port…

Anyway, thanks for the indications. I already knew that dock was available, as my laptop is a Dell and I’ve already made some research for accessories. That said, the price is quite steep, it’s big and it still has more USB-As than USB-Cs…

Why does not Aukey have Thunderbolt 3 (now Thunderbolt 4) accessories with higher power delivery specs support? Seems strange, as it’s SO conveniente that made me think to switch to full USB-C…

Didn’t mean to imply you didn’t know the difference, just that I assumed you had TB3 based on the alternating words you used. Dell has a weird mix on different laptops.

The PD spec does not allow for anything over 100W. Anything over that isn’t in spec. The way Dell does it might be a proprietary standard Aukey can’t use, but even if they have the option it is a small niche to do 130W for only Dell laptops. The fine print on the Dell one states that it will only provide 100W to non Dell laptops.

My computer wants 90W, but it turns out that it will run in most scenarios with a 65W charger, and will just charge more slowly. 100W will probably cover you for everything but really intense use.

I assume there is some reason that it is more expensive to build and support those docks. I also want one with similar specs to what you are asking for, but no one offers it for less than $250 or so. Anker makes one now, but it is in the same price range - so it is likely that those features would cost that much from Aukey as well.