Does anyone know how

To get the emails from here NOT to show as junk mail ALL the time in Gmail? I’ve tweaked settings around, and I can’t seem to get it to recognize that I wat emails from here.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction. (I use both the Gmail app for Android, and Windows Mail.) :+1:

you should have an option to mark as not junk, then after they all go to your inbox

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Have you tried adding the email to your contact list. That will sometimes help parse the mail to the inbox.

@JSH1973 @Monkee I have tried both things, and they still land in the junk mail.

Google is being finicky with me. :laughing:

Samsung makes you download a separate app called Google Contacts so that you can fix the problem.

A) I’m an idiot for not finding that out sooner.
B) Really?! A separate app?! :thinking:

Yea, thats about all I can offer. The email that is being used has a bunch of special characters and tends to be flagged way too easily as possible spam. My outlook email is bouncing it back without even accepting it haha

So, I’m trying something. I added just the site as a location as a contact. Instead of all that extra “fluff”, I’m trying “” and see if that bypasses the problem.

We’ll see what happens. :+1:

I’m seeing mine in the spam now that you mention it. I found that that gmail will eventually learn as you click not spam.

But even Google does recommend adding the email address to your contacts to avoid spam. But from what I can tell its not working.

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