Does any one company have everything?

I’ve probably spent 10 hours+ over many, many days trying to find one company I can just order EVERYTHING from. Aukey seems close, but oddly their website seems out of date, and doesn’t include all their products, or they’re just not organized well (product generations mixed together, etc). Can I get (all braided!):

  1. USB-C to USB-C - Laptop power (up to 100W!) = 2-3 meters
  2. USB-C to USC-C - Flash drive data (3.1 speed), headphone power from laptop = 0.5 meter
  3. USB-C to Lightning - iPhone data/power, mouse power from laptop = 0.5 meter
  4. USB-A to Lightning - Phone power = 2-3 meters
  5. Thunderbolt to HDMI = 2-3m

Also, for power:

  1. 100W compact GaN wall charger with at least 1 USB-C and 1 USB-A (for everyday AND travel duties (1 light-weight charger for all)
  2. PD wall charger with 2 USB-A (and maybe 1 USB-C for future proofing)… leave at home phone charger for myself and my iPhone or iPad or Switch, and/or my phone and a guest phone at the same time

Aukey really seems to come close, but still… either, they’re missing something one critical part to the system, or I can’t find it.


Welcome to Aukey community @Paul-S

all good points, inputs for Aukey Team @Dane_AUKEY @Simon_AUKEY


You will run into another problem as well as not all products will be available in all markets, especially when it comes to new products.
This would be the same with most brands though as few do worldwide launches on all products at the same time.
If you mixed and matched between Aukey and Anker I’m fairly sure you would find everything you want and both are great brands.

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Well noted. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Hi @Paul-S

Thanks for joining us here! You’ve certainly highlighted some great points. I’ll try to address them all :slight_smile:

We have this exact model coming out soon. We have recently released the 100W, single port USB-C. Found here.

On the cable front, we have most if not all of those that you mentioned.

As @JSH1973 mentioned, it really depends on where you live. If you’re in the US, then you’ll have access to the newest items. It’s best to stay on top of this community as we release all new details here.

You can also check…