Discover our new EP-N5 TWS

We’ve not long released our EP-N5 earbuds.

They’re causing quite a storm on the internet, so we thought we’d share a great review from Youtube.

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Don’t know how I missed this, I must try them out :grin:

JSH1973, thanks for sending me the link to this page. As of NOW, August 8, 2020, these (EP-N5) earbuds are still NOT in the OFFICIAL AUKEY website’s registration page. Meaning: they do NOT exist and anyone who’s purchased them have no way of protection as to a warranty. Aukey not very supportive to their customers, are they?

Have you had an actual issue, and contacted support to try to get it taken care of and not been succesful?

For the first 30 days, if you do have issues you can handle it directly via Amazon. After that, it goes to Aukey support. Their website does not always list all of their products. But I have contacted them for support before, and didn’t even look whether the product was listed. The support ticket page doesn’t have a fixed selection field for the product, just type in your product number. Or send them an email.

I had a broken charger (spring loaded prong mechanism had split and disconnected), almost two years old, reached out, and this is what they asked for:

  1. Could you please send me a screenshot of the order including the order number and seller info?
  2. Could you please send me a picture of the broken charger?
    Sent those back, got the replacement within a week or so.

So if you bought it through Amazon, with Aukey as the seller, I wouldn’t worry much about anything else. They do honor their warranties. And the do not require registration if you bought it from Amazon with Aukey as the seller.


TahaEng, thank you for reaching out and replying. Your answer gives me a little bit of comfort. But, I’d like to hear from Aukey itself. Just protecting myself.

As all have mentioned above, it’s a genuine Aukey Product. Give some time for Aukey community personnel @Dane_AUKEY @Kelly_AUKEY @Simon_AUKEY to review and respond to your questions.

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Hi @702reviewer

Please see my reply here;