Did you know it's a Leap Year?

That’s right! 2020 is a Leap Year. For all of those that are born on a leap year, on LEAP DAY of all days, it can be quite hard for the - from filling out forms, to registrations or other technical issues.

Are any of you a leap year child?
**Has it impacted you or anyone you know? **
Will you do anything special for the leap day on Saturday?


We used to tease the leap year children at school that they were really only 2 years old when they were 8 and they wouldn’t get birthday presents for a couple of years, for some reason they believed it, totally evil I know :grin:

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Kids will be kids ey ha. I’m sure they’re fine now :smiley:

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I have a friend who has his birthday this Saturday and officially his age is 10 years old per the birthday date :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I just found out it is Leap Year lol but I did not think about what that does for people born that day. I don’t know anyone who is a leap year child. Would love to hear from someone who is lol

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I don’t know anyone either - but it certainly is interesting, to be ‘10’ as CK’s friend is - even though he’s 40. Ha.

Strange how that works out!

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