Did I Just Buy A Fake Aukey Product?

The box shows model PB-N37 & the Power Bank shows model PB-T5 on the back. None of these models are on the registration list.

Here is the Amazon link if that helps.


I just found that both models are sold in Malaysia, sold out as well. I have the PB-T5 which has a ‘fast charge,’ however both outputs have the same output 5V 2.4A.

I don’t think it is a fake product :+1:

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Not a fake product. Make sure you are clear that there are many different “types” of fast charging technologies. A good example is my own charging journey. I own all the Google pixels and all of which use fast charging technology. My first charger I bought was a Qualcomm quick charge. When I plugged it in it didn’t say charging rapidly like it did when I used the OEM charger. So I used pd only to be sure I am getting a rapid charge across all of my devices. I hope this was helpful. Welcome to our community.

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As the other guys mentioned - these products are ours. You can ensure it’s legitimate by checking the box style, if it contains a ‘key’ sticker and if its bought off of Amazon, if it has a code on it. :slight_smile:

Since DANE answered questions regarding “FAKE” products, I contend that Aukey CANNOT be trusted. Why am I saying this? Because I made the mistake of purchasing EP-N5 earbuds. Seems Aukey does NOT recognize the model. Another Amazon.com purchaser of this same product also posted the same problem. Since Aukey isn’t correcting this problem of not supporting EP-N5, then it must be a fake product.

Did you buy on Amazon?

I did. I told the phone rep at Amazon, that Aukey might be selling fake product since this EP-N5 is not on Aukey’s list of product. Seems Amazon doesn’t care, at least at the level of buyer to initial phone rep. Amazon sells at such a high level of volume, a few crooks doesn’t matter to Amazon.

The EP-N5 are a valid Aukey product. It appears pretty new, so it’s likely just a database entry that they haven’t made yet. If the problem you are having is in registering the product, I’m sure @Dane_AUKEY or @Simon_AUKEY can help you sort it out. They have been nothing but helpful to everyone here in the community, so I’m sure they will get a solution to you.

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See the next post down, they are just a new product…

So as others have assured you, not fraud. Just life on the cutting edge.

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Dane, I DID buy from Amazon. I bought your new EP-N5 earbuds. The box did NOT have the “key sticker” on the box. No code, no nothing. So much for Aukey’s “we’re 100% committed to providing you with the very best of service.” I’d say that’s false advertising!

This product, EP-N5, isn’t on your list of products on Aukey’s product registration page. And, if you or anyone who represents Aukey says different, let them contact people, such as myself, and CONFIRM, by registering MY and anyone else who has issues with this product.

As all have mentioned above, it’s a genuine Aukey Product. @Dane_AUKEY @Kelly_AUKEY @Simon_AUKEY can you please review / reply

HI @702reviewer

As the others have stated, the product is a new release. It’s not shown much on our website or other areas as we update our website for specific product ranges. There are other products which are not on the list of available products from the 'product registration page.

If you purchased it from the AUKEY Store on Amazon, US/CA/EU etc, then it will be an official product.

We’ve had numerous reviews from Youtubers & Websites;

I’m not sure if you’re having an issue with the product, if so, please do let me know and I’ll see what we can do about them. :pray:

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This product is genuine

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