Decide the future of AUKEY 💭

We want to see what you feel and think about AUKEY as a brand, where you’d like us to go in the future in terms of products and what we can do better.

Please answer honestly so that we can get a real understanding of your opinion of AUKEY.

As a company that prides itself on it’s customers, and doing something that genuinely benefits you all, we’re keen to further our commitment to you all - to be a customer-first company.

Thanks to those that answer the survey :pray:

From all of us here at AUKEY HQ :slight_smile:


Survey filled out, hopefully it is helpful. You guys have done a lot, and I don’t mind if you continue to have a wide spread of products. But if you are trying to get more focused on a narrower range, I can understand that too.

Thanks! The input is much appreciated :clap:

Filled out… Thanks!

Done. Hope it helps.

Done! Hope it helps!

Completed. Hope it helps.

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It’s fantastic aukey values our opinion. :+1::+1: Submitted.

Thanks for your input.

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Thanks all for your support and input :smiley:

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How would I go about getting some review samples. I am an instacart delivery person and I put all my tech through its paces. I’d be able to provide more than enough feedback on how your tech holds up. As a person who’s bought only 2 chargers from you in the last 5 years I believe in the quality of your products.


They post them here from time to time, stick around and keep your eyes open. You have to apply when they do go up, put in your testing plan and how you will review it, and they choose from the applicants.

Done…took the survey!!!

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just completed the survey

Thanks guys @vishal73 @simonyahn

Your answers will help us a lot!

@Onehashbrown As tahaeng said, we drop in various testing rounds - one starts tomorrow in fact #product-testing so come back and check out what we have to offer :slight_smile:

Completed it in the other section, doesn’t help if I do it again.

Welcome to our community.:clap: The next round of product testing will be launched soon. Stay tuned for more info posted by @Dane_AUKEY.

I hope that you take our feedback into consideration while preparing your next products.