Coronavirus - How will it affect your future?

We’ve all heard the news, the Coronavirus may have a long-lasting effect on the world economies, but what will it do in other ways?

I’ve had a look at news and articles, which suggest a wide range of potential consequences, from better air quality - most notably in China, but also in the UK, Italy and other affected.

Credit - The Guardian UK

How do you think the virus will positively impact your lives or your country?

Let us know in the comments :smiley:

Good idea, it is easy to get caught up with the negative consequences so focus on the positive things needs plenty of space.
Personally I think the whole remote working idea is going to do a lot, employers are really going to be looking at ways to keep business going in bigger emergencies so there will be a lot more of it in the future, this will create rings in the water of benefits for many people


The viral outbreak is definitely having a positive effect on the Air quality, across the world, I do experience the air as fresh now!

However this will have a negative effect on social life, majorly the kids as they are now forced to school remotely over internet classes, remote curriculum. This is a age, when children need to interact and mix with kids for idea growth …

Working remote / work from home will become the “new normal” with all business already doing it now… will cause more employees go remote. Business offices may only be for the sales / marketing, and majority of teams going remote - that is a big positive for crowded cities like Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco…

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Air quality improvements are strictly temporary if the factories go back to full production under the same techniques. Which they will unless this becomes a full blown depression, I hope not. To sustain that improvement we have to get better at making things more efficiently.

I disagree completely about the kids. Mine are homeschooled, and I think there is strong evidence that large groups of same age children encourages learning poor social behaviour, bullying, etc. The need to be in mixed age environments, to see and learn from adults who have a broader perspective and learn how to interact in positive ways. All the kids spending time with their parents right now is a huge positive of this mess in my view.

It definitely pushes remote work closer to the norm. Some will love it and keep doing it, others will hate it and push back. But everyone who starts doing that regularly is a real reduction in pollution and traffic from reduced car trips.

If this lasts much longer, I think social norms will move away from handshakes, just get rid of them already. Maybe we can all be Japenese and bow from a distance, or go Vulcan with the live long and prosper split fingers wave.

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@CK-Techiei agree with you about the remote work. I think this is showing companies that it is possible to have employees work remotely, while still being productive and profitable. Of this continues after this is over we can reduce the amount of daily travel. Improving the environment, reducing use of fuels and less congestion in busy areas. I live if NJ so less crowded roads would be amazing.

Unfortunately the impact to social events and economy are going to take a while to return.

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Vulcan…:laughing: You never know!

You do raise good points, I feel that as a youth myself, it was beneficial to have older siblings and even parents where I’d interact with adults, so I do see the benefit of that. Not all schools have a significant amount of bullying, and let’s be fair, bullying doesn’t suddenly stop in the schoolyard either - it continues on in the workplace too.

I do hope remote work continues for a good proportion of people - commuting 3-4 hrs+ a day, must be tough on families, not just socially but economically too.

If you are an adult in a work environment where you are being bullied, you can and should confront it, and move on if it isn’t stopped. If leadership allows or worse is involved in that sort of thing, it is a bad place to be. Kids don’t have that sort of choice.

That is not to say you need to walk away from a workplace that has conflict at times, that is often just a sign of passionate people and ideas and can be normal and healthy.

But I would say bullying is FAR less common in the workplace, largely because the majority of people grow up to be more secure and emotionally stable than they were as children / teenagers, and most will not tolerate or accept bullying of themselves or others around them.

True, it naturally is a lot less in the workplace. My main point was that, if they don’t experience bullying at school, they certainly will in the wider world :slight_smile:

I think there are plenty of benefits of both home-schooling and state schools.

Overall though, I feel the positive side of things for the virus certainly come under the environmental impact - even if its shortlived - can shine a light on the environment, from something as little as the sound of birds being more frequent, to quieter surroundings :smiley:

Things will definitely never be the same. Whether thats good or bad is up to consideration. Working from home could really become more popular and less taboo in the future. If you dont need to go out I do not know why we do… Waste of resources imo.


Yeah, I think that. So much to come… Let’s reduce expenses and wasting resources :smirk: