Corona Days continued

So… How’s everybody else getting on, here in Ireland it looks like we could be heading for another lockdown, Dublin where I live will be slightly more restricted than the rest of the country for now but it could get worse very quickly.
My day 2 day life isn’t really affected at this point but it is obviously not just my own situation I should be worried about.

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Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if we go into another lockdown here in the US. Nothing has been said yet, but still, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Speak of another national lockdown for 2 weeks in the U.K…:frowning:

we are getting used to it, people are taking precautions, but looks like this is the “new normal” , masks, sanitizers, hand wash…

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Yep same here

I would hope not. Hang in there guys. Wear your masks. It’s not a hoax.

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We’re currently in a stage 3 restriction on the 1 - 5 scale here in Dublin with most other counties in stage 2…
However… It has been accelerating lately and there is now talks of stage 4 and 5 for the whole country for at least 4 weeks, maybe more (it’ll be 3 months again no doubt)
Plenty of forum/Internet time from now until Xmas I guess…gotta look at the bright side :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear that, I’m hoping NJ (USA) doesn’t do the same. Unfortunately the numbers are increasing and flu season is starting. But you are correct with the bright side, allows you to be more involved in tech discussions and time to play with your devices lol.

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Well the whole country was upped to level 3 so no change for me yet as we were already at that level here in Dublin, it is only a question of time before we get 4 & 5 though…

We’re now officially back to level 5 restrictions since midnight, it’s for 6 weeks for now, but let’s see if that doesn’t turn out to be 12 weeks instead.
Level is 1 - 5 so it is the highest level :weary:
I think I need to find myself an online job a couple of hours per day.

Hang in there.

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Thanks, that’s all you can do really isn’t it.
I’ll kill a bit of time shopping for some of the neighbours again and at least the days are shorter so it might not feel as long this time.
All of Europe looks like a big 2nd wave unfortunately.