Corona 1st time moments

This isn’t to spread fear or anything, more a reflection thing.
This week our prime minister (I’m in Ireland by the way) gave a speech to the whole country on TV about Corona and what to expect etc. and it was actually surreal, like being told we were at war or something similar (which it kinda is I guess)
But definitely left me with this feeling about… Hey this was a first… never thought I should experience this.
Then today going shopping we had to queue to get in to the supermarket because they were limiting number of people allowed inside… Hey this is a first…
Any weird firsts for anyone else?


Now with self quarantine across most countries, (I am in US) - had been to grocery store yesterday, huge huge queue, with limitations of 2 items per product type, this is a weird first for me, in US, considering the hoarding mentality, this is a good measure.


I am in the US as well, my state just ordered a stay at home order that closes all non essential business and puts a 8pm curfew. It’s really scary what’s going on, all the stores that are open are cleaned of any necessities like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and meat. Hopefully of we do this for a week or so it will reduce the spread and we can start to return to normal. Unfortunately I work for a essential business, so I still need to go to work this week. Working on having the ability to work from home, but may take a few days to get it done.


I’m from England bud. Very scary indeed, something out of a movie. I would guess we would have to quarantine eventually too, just like our US and Italian friends. Just hope a cure could be found and that the NHS would cope. Countries should of acted more quickly when the first cases started appearing.

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I am in New York City. Now, the epicenter in the U.S.

This is a first for me. It’s surreal. Very different from September 11 because we kind of knew who the enemy was. Now, it’s an invisible one that was either brought in unintentionally or bio warfare.

Who knows but we will learn from this.


Well it changed dramatically overnight for you guys in the UK, talk about a 180 degree turn.
Stay safe over there :+1:

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All a bit surreal! :pleading_face:

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It’s so quiet on the road I live because of no school and work that it feels like Sunday every day, so weird

It is pretty weird…we’ve just been in the garden, trying to relax. So quiet.

But…on the other hand, some companies are trying to make the experience more ‘fashionable’…:laughing:


Wonder could I find a mask that looks like Predator, would look cool with big black shades when shopping :sunglasses:

Now that would be cool! :laughing:

First lock down for me, the country (Ireland :ireland:) is in official lock down sin midnight.
Won’t be any different than the last few weeks anyway, we have pretty much stayed in except from shopping.

Continue to stay home and stay safe :+1:


Well I signed up for Disney+ the other day so I’ll be watching Marvel, Star Wars and kids movies to a band playing the next couple of weeks :sunglasses:

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That’s cool! I too have Disney+, along with Hulu, keeps us occupied outside the work time

Plenty of great streaming services now - no reason to be bored :smiley:

Any good shows to recommend? :thinking:

Disney+ has The Mandalorian , I liked it, and the Marvel movies.

Missed to mention CBS All Access … Binge watching Twilight Zone - Old and New… if you like it though

Hulu has Shark Tank series if you like them

All decent options. I do like Shark Tank :smiley:

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Anyone resonate with this? :laughing:

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just the image scare me… see myself in it :rofl:

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