Community - We Need You!

We’ve loved having your thoughts on things from color options for our powerstation, to product line ideas.

Now, it’s time to get more of your expert opinions on an upcoming product idea.

With your help, we’ll create a product that truly matches your needs.

So please, take a few minutes to help us complete the survey below :pray:


Done :+1:
Interesting exercise this one :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks :smiley: Appreciate your input


Complete :slightly_smiling_face: I hope my feedback helps. Thank you for the chance to chime in :muscle:t5:

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Done. Hopefully my input helps.

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Done. Thanks for asking the community. It’s always refreshing to see manufacturers ask the users what they would like to see in a product.

For the record, USB-C EVERYTHING. Phase out USB-A on all of your devices. This should have been done in the past but now Type C should be universal.


Totally agree with all points there Zed :+1:

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Completed! Good set of questions, I feel chargers should have at least 2 outputs, one USB-C and one USB-A.

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Done, could have used one like that last night at work. Had to pull the desk 4 inches from the wall.

Done. Can use one of these right now because our bed no matter where it is in the room blocks an outlet.

Make sure not too much heat is generated. It can get hot in the confined space, and damage both the wall and whatever that is up against.

Dane, Thank you for sharing. It seems like a very interesting product. Why doesn’t Aukey look at making these via 4 port and a combination of USB-C (ie. 4/4) or 2/4 and high powered USB-A for the other two ports?

Are you requesting testing and reviews of the following? If so I’d definitely volunteer.

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This is a very interesting product and practical to say the least. I would buy one, this makes complete sense.

Filled out with the feedback I had.

I don’t really like a flat USB charger for inaccessible spaces. What I use instead are extension cords with a flat plug head, much thinner than any charger, to bring access to outlets to the space next to the bed / couch / furniture that blocks an outlet. A flat charger would need long charging cables to get out from behind a bed or couch, and if a cable falls out or is damaged somehow, you have to get back there to fix it.

I like foldable plugs for travel, but they don’t help here because being in an inaccessible space means it won’t be taken in and out often at all. And the requirements for a travel plug are a little different in general.

And USB-A isn’t on my list for anything new I buy these days, USB-C is the way to go as others have noted.

But others have very different requirements, just some of my thoughts.

I could have used one of these as well. Completed the survey and offered my suggestions. I’d totally buy 3 of these.

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Submitted survey. My main wish for flat chargers is option with ports on the left/right sides, all current ones i’ve seen have ports on top/bottom sides.

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Love the idea! :bulb:

A power indicator light so you can tell if the outlet is powered. Something small is always good, multifunction when out of the way would serve more purposes, like having one version that doubles as a wi-fi repeater

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Good suggestions there👍