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Looks like 100W models :slight_smile:

Duall Type C. And a mix of Type A and Type C ports

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100W chargers, huge power. I am gonna guess these support the Huawei P30 crazy charge levels of 5 amps? Speaking about the 100W charger specifically, what kind of warnings will be on the box/device/sale listing to ensure people do not use undersized cabling to charger their devices? I can see a lot of folks just grabbing any cable and not realizing a ton of the. Are for 60W max charge powers or less.

I’ll have to check about that. @Simon_AUKEY should be able to answer this better than I :thinking:

I only ask because one of the top rated helpful reviews on amazon for omnia duo has a guy bashing your device that doesnt charge his dell 7490 pc at all… Of course this happens because that laptop isnt usb-c powered but he is scaring people off with nonsense. Burning cables may be a new headache to the less knowledgable.

look forward to the surprise… from what we have been hearing, (and here…) it seems to be the 100W charger with dual outputs

A lot of cables will be for lower power - but they will also communicate that to the devices at both ends (or at least, they will not tell them they are capable of doing 5A, which works out the same). So what will happen is the charger will limit the supplied power to 3A unless the cable and connected device both indicate they can handle higher current.

That assumes Aukey is properly supporting the spec, but that seems like a safe assumption to me.

You also mention the 7490 in someone’s reviews - that laptop does support charging over USB-C. I don’t know what specifically his issue is, but a good answer to someone’s question covers the capacity of that laptop.

If he can’t charge his laptop with the Omnia, there is a real issue there - whether it is the cable, charger or laptop I can’t tell. But it isn’t lack of support in the computer’s hardware.

Since its designed for a 2.1 port im going to guess either mangled port or bad cable. That said i wouldnt usbc charge a system designed for the 2.1 or other plugs. Too many things about the overall system design isnt always reliable. Also, a 5a device will surge full current before devices knock it back. That surge over time will do damage to cables regardless of device protections. The concept is in-rush and most systems are full open then dial back.

That is not how USB-C PD is designed to work. Power transfer can be in either direction between any pair of devices - and even though a charger should never receive power, the recipient device doesn’t know that up front. There is no surge of power and cut back, it starts with communication between the two devices and the cable, and negotiates appropriate speeds if possible before starting power transfer. It isn’t quite the same as how QC or any of the other protocols work over standard USB cables.

The spec requires devices to limit their power transfer to 3A or less unless and until they have checked for a supporting cable. If a 5A capable cable has a chip that goes bad, but is still working in every other way, it will be limited to 3A.

There is always an inrush, its how electric works. Even if there is a slow increase in power there will be a ripple effect during settling. Thats electronics basics. Even $20k industrial power supplies will have a ripple unless its brought up seriously slowly and filtered with caps. The only point is unless you have a 100W rated cable an inherent risk will always be present. Its purely for safety reasons I asked a question since I have interest in one of these myself and high power cables are not as prevalent just yet.

PPS capable maybe?

Looks like some High wattage wall chargers :thinking:

I’m still waiting for an update about all of this guys - once I have it, i’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Very interesting convo though!

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This looks like a good upgrade for my home office! :star_struck:

@ShawnyRHarvey It certainly will be :smiley:

What will you use it to power?

@Dane_AUKEY I’ve got a MacBook Pro 13” and a Dell Latitude 7490 that I often switch between, connected to my external monitor

Handy then! Plenty to test :slight_smile:

Wooh! I am excited!