Charging Case Stolen

Hello. I recently purchased a pair of your Aukey Truly Wireless Key Series Headphones. I did my research before purchasing and found that they were the best buds for the buck. And the the unboxers on Youtube who praised your aukeys couldn’t have been more right. I instantly fell in love with the fit, feel, controls and mostly with the quality sound, (with sound quality I’ve never experienced in a truly wireless set of ear buds). It was a worthy purchase.

I have tried a few other brands before my aukey purchase but none stacked up to the aukeys. I was more than satisfied.

I’m writing you from New York city, and, because yesterday I was at a quiet hotel bar. I left the case on the table for 2 minutes to talk to someone, and when I returned they were gone. My guesss is that whoever took them believed them to actually have the buds inside. It’s not the end of the world I know, but I love those buds and they’re rendered useless without that case.

You guys have any extra cases lying around there in Shenzen?

Did you report it to the hotel?
They should have cctv in the bar for insurance purposes.

I dont think cases are sold separately, this is the biggest gripe… these need to be bought as a new item with the headsets!

lot of portability also bring these issues…

A buddy of mine had a pair from another brand who lost their case and was told by support that cases and earbuds are linked and can not be replaced if a part is lost. Not sure if this true with every brand but it wouldn’t surprising if this is the only way they can make TWS work.

Hi @stream340

First of all, we’re SO glad to hear that you love the T10s - they certainly get a lot of praise from the online community, so we’re really happy to hear your praise.

Equally, I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had your case stolen - we unfortunately do not have spare, as when we manufacture them, they come in 1 whole unit; the earbuds + the case.

I’ll drop a message into my team and see if there’s any solution for this :pray:


@stream340 I just heard from my team that they’re looking into whether we have spare cases, but in the meantime, do check out our updated T10s.

They’re currently at $89.99. A great option if we can’t supply you with a new case.

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Thank you so much for getting back to me. I appreciate the response. I can’t plunk down another 100 right now on buds but please do let me know if a spare case finds it’s way to you.

Thank you for your responses @element321 @CK-Techie
Its a bummer but we must forge on. :wink:

Heyy @stream340 !

Unfortunately, i’ve confirmed we don’t have any spare - its just not something that we hold onto. :frowning:

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Have a look on ebay maybe to see if someone is selling a charging case.
On the other hand the spare earbuds you now have will come in handy if you do decide on a new pair/set, no waiting for them to charge just swap them out.

Appreciate your effort to check with internal team, going the extra mile!

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Thanks! Its a pretty crappy situation, so I did what little I could to help :slight_smile:

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Hey Doug,

I’m writing to see if any spare charging cases for the aukey T10’s have turned up around the warehouse. Just as a reminder, I had my jacket stolen with the case inside, and my buds are useless now. If there’s any way you can check again to see if there’s a spare case around your factory, I’d be willing to purchase it. it would be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking someone there maybe misplaced their earbuds or broke their earbuds and has a case they’re not using. I would be very grateful if you could check again. Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you.


Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately, as I mentioned previously, we don’t keep spares around - and I have no access to the warehouse as there isn’t ‘one’ warehouse, due to our warehousing being split all over the U.S and beyond.

I did check to see if there was any possibility, but my colleagues said no. :frowning:

If you buy on and use discount code KEYSERIES20
You can get a new pair for just 75 usd with free shipping.
It’s probably as cheap as just a replacement case plus shipping plus you have the advantage of the spare earbuds you have for direct swap instead of having to wait for a recharge

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I forgot to say that you might have to sign up as a new subscriber for the discount code to work but it doesn’t take a minute

Yes, that’s a great suggestion @JSH1973 :clap: