CES - Day 1 - Omnia Chipset

CES 2020 has finally arrived, and we’ve been unable to keep in the excitement of what we’ve revealved to the world.

We’ve had TONNES of coverage from some of the most notable Tech websites and organisations from around the world, who are literally - buzzing about our newest releases: Omnia Series Wall Chargers.

If you’ve not heard the news, we’re developing a brand new range of super powerful, yet tiny, wall chargers, which can easily power a laptop on the go, whilst fitting in your pocket.

Let’s see what some news outlets have said about our newest technology:

" Third-party accessory makers don’t usually get a lot of coverage at CES, but popular brand Aukey has done something intriguing with their new fast chargers and its definitely worth taking a look at."

“When it comes to chargers, small doesn’t have to mean weak. Accessory maker Aukey has unveiled a series of chargers at CES 2020 that not only deliver some of the world’s fastest charging speeds, but are also smaller and lighter than equivalent output chargers by other manufacturers.”

Android Central
" Call me crazy, but Aukey’s tiny GaN chargers have me more excited than phones or Chromebooks."

Android Headlines
“The AUKEY Omnia series chargers are considerably smaller
than the competition.”

Android Authority
“Aukey’s new GaN chargers are smaller, faster, smarter.”

The Omnia Series will be available online and at retail in Q2 2020, so keep your eyes peeled for the launch.

In the mean time, we’ve got a range of products discounted for CES that you can get your hands on, if you don’t want to wait for Q2 to come around.

Click here to check out what we’ve got for you.


Looking forward to being able to purchase these


I greatly look forward to the time when all of these standards will be in a lot more products. Right now it is such a mixed bag, and I have half micro usb with it’s array of charging ranges, and half USB-C, with another whole set of possibilities. Getting everything on a PD standard will be helpful.

I hear ya! Within a year or so, I’d say nearly everything with be USB-C as standard with PD. Just makes sense!

Late spring release I assume? Hoping the 100w isn’t too crazy on pricing :grin:

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USB-C as a standard across all platforms is the next best thing to happen, hope Aukey leads the way.

Thats the plan! GaN, PD, all are the cutting-edge of charging tech right now. Our customers want it, and we’re happy to offer it :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Andy. I’m new to this community. I’ve always been a fan of Aukey products for the functionality and fair prices. How about an Omnia powerbank, is that coming soon?

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GaN chipsets and PD will probably be coming to powerbanks eventually. They might not brand them Omnia though, and they won’t make as big of a difference, so might not be worth the price initially.

The reason it makes such a big difference in size for wall chargers is that they reduce heat generated in converting 120-240VAC to 5-20VDC (5 is standard for USB, 20 is the max supported for PD). A lot of the space and weight in the older ones was necessary to keep them from overheating. And with a wall charger, you are tied to a physical place, so fast PD charging is a big deal.

Power banks convert DC to DC, which generates less heat. And battery efficiency hasn’t changed and take most of the space, so they will stay about the same size per Watt hour. Plus they are portable, so it generally is less urgent to charge your device quickly, and users often recharge them overnight.

So there are upsides, but maybe not worth the higher cost immediately.

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