CB-C81 Fails to initialize second HDMI monitor

I have tried 2 CB-C81 9-1 usbc dongles (original + replacement). Neither one reliably initializes 2 HDMI monitors. Otherwise this dongle is perfect. What needs to be done to make it work all the time?

One work around is to plug power into the laptop so when I unplug the dongle it sometimes re-recognizes both. This is a bad idea to unplug a double usbc from my laptop several times a day.

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Having the same problem, in my case the monitor works but with glitches in an interval of 2-5 minutes.

If I try to change HDMI ports the monitor in the port that actually works stops at the glitching port.

I am on my third replacement. It works better than the previous 2. After a week of working fine it again could not recognize one HDMI until I power cycled the device going completely off for some time.

I did see the 2-5 minute glitch when I was on a single monitor too. It went away after the same power cycle.

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