CB-C78 & Samsung Note 10+ for testing equipment

I’m going to be using this combo to test various equipment, trying to use this combo to replace our laptops. if anybody has any suggestions or tips please leave them here. I will come back to this post every once in awhile when I find something interesting just to let everybody else know. Looking forward to learning new things about the USB hubs and their ability on Android phones.


Note 10+… so you will obviously be testing/using DeX
I’ll follow this a bit as I have a NexDock Touch on the way to use as laptop replacement with my own Note 10 plus 5G

Look forward to seeing this ourselves :smiley:

Well I’ve been able to test every port on the hub though my Note 10+ except the VGA port, unfortunately I don’t have a VGA monitor or been on a service call that has a VGA monitor. The only thing I noticed is that USB-C port with the power icon seems to be power only, the other port on the other side works for USB-C to headphone jack. I will update again once I get a chance to use the VGA port.

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