CB-C78 No Display from HDMI

I am using the CB-C78 USB C hub and have 2 HDMI connections and neither monitor is displaying anything. I updated my intel and Nvidia drivers and still nothing. I have a MSI GE75 Raider Gaming Laptop - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H - GeForce RTX 2060

Seeing the same problem. Additional monitor will not detect when plugged in through the hub. It will detect if I hook up the same monitor to a displayport. HP Elitebook laptop.

Just bought the CB-C78 from Amazon (Sept 2020). Plugged it into USB-C, Plugged one monitory into HDMI. No Display on the monitor. Monitor is stating there is no signal. Win10 display settings state there is only one monitor(the laptop) detected. Any solutions?

Hi @pooge30

Sorry to hear your device isn’t working as expected. Please do check this forum for potential solutions. If you’ve found none, then get in touch with our support team.

support@aukey.com :pray:

I have the same problem. Just bought a CB-C78 on Amazon. Plugged it in and only one of the two HDMI outputs are working. If I connect one monitor to HDMI and one to VGA I get both to work. There is definitely a problem with the one HDMI output as it will not display anything.