CB-C71 - Won't charge Dell 7490

I purchased a CB-C71 USB-C hub that’s supposed to support up to 100W PD pass through, but the battery in the connected Dell 7490 laptop slowly drains, despite the hub being powered by a 90W PD charger connected by a 100W cable (also tried a 61W PD charger). The laptop will charge fine when a 61W PD charger is directly connected or slowly from a 46W PD charger. Any thoughts on why the Dell 7490 can’t seem to draw sufficient power through the hub?


Hi @pt15175

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. I’ve already shared this post with our CS Team and we’ll get back to shortly :pray:

This might be a compatibility issue. Our dev team is sorting it out and I will get back to you once we find out the reason behind.

Thanks for the update!

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