CB-C71 USB Ethernet Keeps Hanging on MacOs Big Sur

I have two of these USB-C Hubs with integrated ethernet. They both exhibit a problem where every few hours, and usually during moderate bidirectional traffic (e.g. video conference calls) the ethernet device locks up.

The symptoms are that the device appears functional to the OS and reports valid media, but is unable to either transmit or receive (e.g. I cannot ping the router). Often I seem to be able to keep receiving incoming traffic but for several seconds (in that people tell me they can no longer hear/see me just before I notice it’s all wedged)

If I do an ‘ifconfig en7 down && ifconfig en7 up’ then the device does not recover and is unable to obtain an IP address.

If I leave a ping program running, then the router stops responding several seconds before I notice loss of incoming traffic, so I suspect it’s a transmit lock-up.

Unplugging the hub and reinserting it fixes the problem.

The problem happens with both hubs, with multiple laptops (Macbooks running Catalina and Big Sur) and with multiple switch ports (on different switches).

Can anybody please suggest how to fix this? It’s really disruptive to my work.

Hi @pbarham,

Thanks for joining the Community. Have you tried this with another Hub? Do they have the same problem?