CB-C71 slow or not charging Dell XPS 9310

I have the Aukey CB-C71 and it is working great apart from the pass-through charging. It either does not charge at all or slow charges. I found another post where a firmware update had been shared via google drive but this unfortunately did not work.

Hi @mattjoelewis

Thanks for joining the Community. Can you give us more details? What other ports were you using while you try to charge your laptop? And when it is slowly charging, how slow it was?

It is slow or not charging with no other ports connected. I have tried with and without my external monitor connected and it makes no difference.
I’m not sure what you mean by ‘how slow’ when the charger is 85W and the CB-C71 says it supports up to 100W. It certainly should not even be slow, let alone often not even register as receiving any power delivery.

Hi @mattjoelewis,

Dell computers tend to reduce the current when you charge it with hubs. So, if you really want to charge it with hubs, you need to use a charger that is 10W more than the original charger. For example a charger that is 100W.

That is it? I would have to buy a new charger?

There must be another fix for this. Especially as this can’t really be advertised as pass-through charging if it is not passing it through. There was no mention that it would not work with Dell devices.

Hi @mattjoelewis,

Sorry about the inconvenience this has caused you. Please contact support@aukey.com about this, they will help you.