CB-C71 Power Cycling while hooked up

I have issues with my CB-C71 when I hook power directly to it and sometimes have other accessories hooked into it. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 16 with Touch Bar and I’ve just been doing different configurations right now with a Samsung T3 SSD I have. Since it has a USB type B connection, I have to use the hub. One issue I’ve had is that when doing file transfers, it suddenly disconnects and reconnects. I also noticed that if I have my power hooked directly into the hub with it connected, it’ll constantly power cycle, as the hard drive suddenly disconnects and reconnects, and I visibly notice it stops and starts charging again. Since I’ve had these for a while (I have two, one residing on my desk and one I keep in my backpack), I’d like to see if there’s some sort of resolution I can come up with to make them work and not power cycle like they’re doing.