CB-C71 HUB PD Problem

Unity Link PD III 8-in-1 USB-C Hub with 100W PD
Continuous breaks occur while the power is connected to the charging PD port.

Little more info needed to help you troubleshoot this, how many and what items have you plugged in when you get this message?
It really could be something as simple as a bad quality usb cable causing it

I bought this product through Amazon after detailed research. Charging is constantly interrupted when only one 64GB capacity Sandisk USB flash is connected (Charge Cable is original from Apple).
When I check at the program which is called CoconutBattery, everything seems fine, but I get error message interruption while only one USB flash is connected.

I would test and see if the same issue happens with other devices plugged into the hub and not that flash drive - a different flash drive, your phone, etc. If it happens with other devices, it sounds like the hub has a problem. If not, then the flash drive itself may be bad. I would also test different ports on the hub, in case the pins on that one have been damaged / have dirt inside and are somehow shorting out when you plug in the drive.

If you are using the apple provided power supply and cable that work perfectly when directly connected to your computer, and you are seeing issues when it is connected through this hub no matter what device is attached, you will need to contact support. Nothing you can really do to fix it in software, at that point it is hardware somewhere.

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Hello welcome to the community. If it still does not work you should reach out for direct support.


I have tried USB flash with many different brands and capacities, including WD 2TB external USB disk. I get the same error in all of them. If I connect the power connection directly to the Mac’s USB-C port, there is no problem.
Also, there is a significant heat on the connected USB flash devices.

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Contact customer support for sure then, if the same issue happens with multiple different devices the problem is likely in the hub. @graphicflowyt provided the link above, but they have been having problems with the website, some popup with parameters and encryption requirements. If you can’t submit it directly, post another message here and @Dane_AUKEY should be able to submit it for you.


Dear admin; As seen in the link below, I am having trouble with the CB-C71 HUB, which I liked very much and bought as a result of my long research.

Thanks for all of you following up on this - great info indeed.

I have already shared this issue with our technical support - they’ll follow up with this ASAP :slight_smile:


Dear Dane;

Thank you so much.

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