Cb-c71 hdmi not working

the hdmi port on my cb-c71 is not working the giga ethernet is ok
computer is HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cs3000nj i7 core 10TH GEN 16 gb ram

Hi @ilannat1962

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue.

@Kelly_AUKEY + @Simon_AUKEY should be able to give you a response. :slight_smile:

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Hi @ilannat1962
Sorry to hear that. Could you try it with another HDMI cable? If it still doesn’t work, please contact our CS specialist @Kelly_AUKEY for a replacement.

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@Simon_AUKEY I’ve also run into this trouble with my Thinkpad T480. The hub seems to work for USB and I’ve tested the HDMI cable several times – it works with other devices.

Sorry to know that. I think this is a compatibility issue and we will see to improve it for future products. Please contact support@aukey.com for a refund.


I decided to update the firmware on my laptop – it was a little behind – and now it seems to work!

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Glad to hear that fixed it!

I have had some strange experiences with an early TB3/USB-C laptop port over the last few years. Great on many levels, but random issues that I wouldn’t have expected. Sometimes firmware updates fix surprising things.