Cb-C71 Ethernet port

I have been using the hub for about 2 months for my 2019 MacBook Pro and my 2020 Dell Inspiron 14” 7000 and I have yet to be able to use the ethernet. Any advice or tips on how to enable this?

I have my CB-C71 at my desk and I have an Ethernet cable that gives me a wired connection to my router for faster speeds than Wi-Fi. It just works when its plugged in. There was nothing that I needed to do to enable it. What have you been experiencing?

I have a new Macbook pro 13" and I’m having the same issue. The network cable is plugged into the hub, the lights are flickering (typically indicating network traffic) but inside the control panel there is no acknowledged network adapter to select. Everything else on the adapter is working fine.

I have this hub, and what I’ve noticed is that direction of the connection may matter for your hub, as well as power cycling it if you have power hooked up into it. I actually took a sharpie and marked on the top of the USB-C connector so I hook it in the same way each time, and then the other thing is just unplugging the power and plugging it back in to get it to read. It’s quirky, but it should work.

I sometimes have issues after switching from Boot Camp and going back into macOS, and I’m also always on the go (have one sitting at the desk and one that stays in my backpack). I just found with switching, or even coming back from a sleep state causes it to not work for some reason, but once I remove it and unplug the power supply from the hub, it usually works again.

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Wow… that did it. There is, just for the network adapter to work, a “Top” to the USB-C