CB-C70 description changed


I noticed that on the product page for the Unity Wireless Hub the pass through charging is now 60W. Before it was 100W pass through. What/why/how did this change? What’s accurate? This is similar to the Minima PA-Y19 going from 27W charging on the product page but on Amazon it’s showing up as 30W. I know the difference in the last one being 3W is very minimal but consistent information seems to be an issue for some product descriptions. It’d be nice to know what the actual truth is for these products cause as a consumer, I want to make sure I know exactly what I’m getting when I buy products and inconsistent descriptions don’t fill me with confidence in a brand. I think you guys have a lot of solid products BTW

Hi @simonyahn

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Sometimes descriptions are changed, either due to mistakes which were made (it happens - we’re human after all), or that upgrades have been made to a model.

I’ll be checking which of these is the case, if any with our team. @Simon_AUKEY can also speak with the #productteam to find out more.

I completely understand that trusting a company fully with descriptions is key, and a lot of work goes into testing products to ensure we get that right :pray:

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