CB-C58 USB-C Hub HDMI problem

I’ve generally been quite happy with my Aukey CB-C58 USB-C Hub. However, about a week ago it seems the device doesn’t work consistently with my external monitor. The HDMI cable seems loose and so my external monitor displays screens with odd colour breaks and is constantly jerky as if the pins are not lining up.

I’ve tested the monitor directly into another laptop (monitor HDMI direct into laptop HDMI port), and for hours there was no problem. I’ve also tested my USB-C only laptop with other screens (my TV) and it too is fine. So I’ve narrowed it down to the Aukey CM-C58 USB-C hub that has a problem. It’s getting worse in that just a minor touch, hold, or light squeeze can mean my entire external monitor disconnects then reconnects in less than a second.

Faulty device? Or is the quality of product so poor that it doesn’t last more than a year…?

It definitely sounds like a defect of some sort. If it hasn’t had any severe impacts, probably just something that was slow to show up until it had been through enough warm up / vibration cycles to show up.

I have had USB-C to HDMI hubs go bad from multiple vendors over the last 4 years since I got a laptop with thunderbolt output - not sure if I am abusing them, or if there are design issues at some level.

USB-C seems to be great in general, and is much better than Micro-USB, but I am not convinced that it will prove to be nearly as durable as the larger USB-A connectors, and I think that may be part of the problem.

Hello @faux.falsa !

Sorry to hear about your problems with the product. Please send an email to support@aukey.com and someone will be able to answer your questions.