Can't find EP-T21 on Windows10

I have juste received my EP-T21. I could pair them with my smartphone.
Now I would like to pair them with my Windows10 (version 1909) laptop but I can’t find the EP-T21.
I am using a usb dongle which works : I could pai other devices and play music.
Can you help me ?
Thank you


I’m no expert on PC’s but maybe try and search for the drivers manually, somebody else with a T21 problem last week got sorted that way

Oh… and welcome to the forum popujol🙏

Thank you :slight_smile:
I think I found the last driver but doesnt help.
Are their firmware to update may be?


I’m not sure if the firmware on the buds can be updated to be honest, support can probably answer that.
Maybe the usb dongle isn’t compatible or a driver for that needs updating, like said I’m a bit of a noob with those things.

@popujol Welcome!

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue.

I’ve personally got EP-T21 and they are findable by my laptop - also on Windows 10.

@Kelly_AUKEY our Customer support may be able to troubleshoot this further :slight_smile:

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Hi popujol,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. From the details that you’ve provided, I suggest that you shorten the distance between the headphones and the devices, and clean the pairing record on the devices, after that try to reset it. Then you’d better try another device.
By the way, if resetting doesn’t help, please run out of the power of your headphones, and then recharge it and try again.
Please contact this email if it still doesn’t work:

THank you for your answer,
I have tried while headset was close.
how can I reset the headphone? (not explain in the user guide)
Thank you


Have you tried cancelling the connection on your cell phone first. You cannot be inked to two devices at the same time. I tried this and Windows 10 paired instantly.

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