Canada | This Week's Amazon Sales 🇨🇦

This week, we’ve got a wide range of fantastic products on Amazon Canada. So for our Canadian friends, don’t miss out! :slight_smile:

Grab a bargain set of Wireless Earbuds, our T-21s with $5 off and free shipping!

On the road a lot? Uber driver? Just want to have that peace-of-mind whilst driving? Then our ‘Stealth-style’ Dash cam is perfect for you. Now with $20 off and free shipping!

The brilliant small yet powerful, PA-D3 60W USB-C PD charger is ready to keep you powered up in no time. It’s currently 10% + you can get a $2 coupon on top!

PA-D5, the 60W Dual-Port PD charger is perfect for those that have multiple USB-C devices. With a discount of 17% and a further $15 coupon off, this is an absolute bargain. Don’t’ wait around!

Lastly, our brand new Omnia PD Charger range, is currently on discount. Pay less, for more, with a $11 coupon available. Charge your devices with up to 65W on 2-ports, allowing you to charge phones and laptops at the same time :zap:


Yay! Sales for Canada, thanks!! :canada::maple_leaf::heart:

I love Canadians (except Tim Hortons) how about their North American counterparts south of their border? :slight_smile:

Ha. Well, fortunately for you - here are some options :+1:


Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’ve already got Aukey chargers throughout my home, laptop bag, and office (do I even have one these anymore it’s been 3 months since I’ve seen it). :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for sharing Canadian deals @Dane_AUKEY :clap:

My pleasure! Like to try and share all deals and offers for everyone - not just US :stuck_out_tongue:

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